Kivuti and Mbarire clash over jubilee party affairs

By Grace Maina/Release

Rifts in the Jubilee Party started emerging after two prominent politicians publicly clashed over who was fit to fly the party’s flag in the Embu County gubernatorial race.

Runyenjes MP Cecily Mbarire and Embu Senator Lenny Kivuti who are both garnering for the governor’s seat came close to exchanging blows at a fundraiser in Karurumo with each leader claiming to have the backing of the party leadership and commanding majority support on the ground.

Police had a rough time separating the two leaders and calming down their supporters as tempers flared.

Angry youths shouted down Senator Kivuti and tore his supporters placards after he refused to hand the microphone to Mbarire, who in turn tried to grab it from him.

Supporters of the two politicians waved placards and chanted political slogans as the leaders traded insults on the podium and jostled for the microphone. The fundraiser was called off before the two leaders made their contributions as the meeting threatened to turn chaotic.

Pandemonium reined high after rumours that Senator Kivuti would launch his gubernatorial campaigns at the meeting.

Mbarire on the other hand angrily reacted to the move, saying that it was disrespectful for the Senator to launch his bid for the governor’s seat in her constituency, yet she had announced plans to vie for the same post.

Mbarire lashed out at Kivuti for allegedly going against a Memorandum of Understanding between the Embu and Mbeere communities signed before the 2013 elections that stated that the county Governor would come from the Embu side of the county while Mbeere would produce the Senator.

She stated that the pact between the two communities would only be revised after a consultative meeting between elders and political leaders from the county.

Kivuti however maintained that he was eligible to vie for any seat in the county regardless of community agreements.

Economic consultant Kithinji Kiragu who has also declared his interest for the gubernatorial position under the Jubilee Party’s ticket had earlier addressed the gathering and left before the two legislators arrived flanked by hordes of rowdy youths.

Senator Kivuti accused Mbarire of sponsoring a drinking binge for area youths before the meeting so that they could heckle and deny him an opportunity to speak.

Mbarire on the other hand claimed the senator was the architect of the chaos and alleged that he had come to the meeting while drunk.




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