Chiefs and their Assistants in Kiharu constituency get new offices

A number of National Government administrators working in various administration units within Kiharu constituency were on Wednesday handed new offices which were built by the local NG-CDF.

A total of nine new offices were constructed while another four were renovated and are now ready for use.

Kaharu MP Ndindi Nyoro said the new offices will ensure a conducive environment for the administrators as they deliver services to the residents noting that some chiefs have been using dilapidated buildings.

Ndindi said the NG-CDF has a role to play in security sector and thus they will continue building new offices and renovating those in bad conditions.

“The project was prioritized by locals and we moved in to ensure chiefs and their assistants get new offices. The offices will also ensure security is beefed up and people’s properties are protected.” he said.

Besides chiefs’ offices, the local NG-CDF is also constructing police posts in areas identified by residents as crime hotspots.

“Petty theft cases have gone up in parts of Kiharu, we have embarked in constructing police posts to boost security in some of these areas.” added Ndindi.

Some of the locations which got new offices include Gikandu, Kiawambeu, Kambirwa, Gaitega, Kahatia, Kiria, Garu and Mugeka.

Ndindi said they will continue complementing the National Government efforts to enhance security at grassroots.

The project, he said have also provided locals with jobs noting that all works were done by local residents.

Meanwhile the MP called upon local residents to heed Government’s directives in combating the spread of coronavirus.



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