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China to set up ‘advanced tech innovation system’ for manufacturing

China will put in place a preliminary technology innovation system covering all key industries of the manufacturing sector by 2025, and upgrade it to advanced level by 2027, according to a guideline unveiled Tuesday.

The guideline, focusing on the building and application of the technology innovation system for the manufacturing sector, was released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT). It is part of the country’s efforts to make breakthourghs in cutting-edge technologies despite foreign restrictions, while scaling up technological applications in industries.

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By 2027, an advanced manufacturing technology innovation system will be established, which is expected to guide enterprises to set up advanced research and development and supply chain management systems, providing an important underpinning for the technological self-reliance and strength of the manufacturing sector, according to the MIIT.

In the next step, China will further develop and apply the manufacturing technology system, optimize the allocation of innovation resources and foster new competitive edges, the MIIT said.

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