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China’s Ksh.13 billion support to equip 70 technical colleges in Kenya

The Chinese government has offered to support various technical and vocational training (TVET) colleges nationwide at a cost of Ksh. 13 billion.

As a result, President William Ruto says every constituency in the country will have a technical training college with all the necessary equipment.

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Speaking at a ceremony marking 100 years of technical training in the country at Nyeri National Polytechnic on Tuesday, the President challenged the constituencies to take advantage of the Chinese support to establish the colleges.

“On my way here, I got the news from our friends in China that they have approved another Ksh.13 billion to equip 70 of our Technical and Training Colleges, that today don’t have sufficient equipment,” the head of state disclosed

“If education is the Key, TVET is the master key,” he added, lauding the support of the People’s Republic of China.

He also said many people have been signing up to receive training at various colleges, especially given the realization of the importance of hands-on skills. There are now more than 350,000 students across the country.

He pointed out that the Bottom Up Economic Transformation Agenda (BETA) was designed to accelerate economic growth by investing in critical pillars that create employment for millions of skilled youth.

“As we implement policies, programmes and projects which create jobs for the youth, we must simultaneously equip millions of young Kenyans with the education, training and skills necessary to enhance their productivity in a dynamic, globalised and competitive labour market,” he said.

The president called on Kenyans to consider TVET institutions vital because they contribute to skills development.

During the event, Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu noted that various colleges are responsible for bringing about positive change in society by giving young people the opportunity to develop in life.

He said the knowledge from the technical institutions helps the graduates be actively involved in the formal and informal aspects of the country’s economy.

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