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Chinese traditional medicine giant formally launches operations in Kenya

The Country’s pharmaceutical industry has received a boost after the Chinese Traditional Medicine, “For our health our wealth” company expanded its footprint in Kenya.

The organization which is already in 90 countries has launched its operations in the country at a time when China is marking its 10th anniversary of the One Belt, One Road project.

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Its launch is expected to create job opportunities as well as enhance access to health products and technologies as part of realizing universal health coverage.

“FOHOW company culture is to spread love, integrity, and loyalty alongside the TCM health preservation culture that brings benefit to the human life and increases the quality of their lives,’’  said FOHOW Group Vice President Mr Jiao Peng at the launch held at Kenyatta International Conference Center, Nairobi’s landmark skyscraper.

Jiao says the company has been doing business abroad for the past 16 years and has enlisted over 10 million devoted customers worldwide.

FOHOW Country manager Tina Kinuthia noted; “This is a new era for Kenya, our product users will benefit from a natural remedy that focuses not only on cure but the root cause of ailments”

Sunday’s event, which also coincides with the tenth anniversary of the One Belt, One Road project, aims to propagate the 3500-year-old traditional medicinal culture.

“We are going to keep investment in the Kenyan market and create more income opportunities. We are looking to stay in Kenya for 30 years and beyond. We will grow together with Kenya.” Said FOHOW’s General Manager for Africa, Peter Liu.

“Products made with the traditional Chinese medicine concept therefore focus on the three pillars of healthcare which are diet, exercise, and mental health,” added Kinuthia

The company says it has 3 product series which are cleansing, nourishing, and regulatory. The cleansing series helps to remove excess unwanted toxins from the body. The nourishing series, on the other hand, helps to add to the body what is lacking while the regulatory series helps bring harmony to the body and balance.

FOHOW has also combined the four traditional Chinese therapies (acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion, and scraping) with the latest technology and has innovatively come up with a bio-energetic meridian machine that helps to open up meridians and acupoints helping the organs heal themselves and increasing vital energy in the body.

“In the past sixteen years of development, FOHOW company has been able to share two cultures with all parts of the world: one of them is FOHOW’s corporate culture and traditional Chinese medicine longevity culture,’’ said Ms. Kinuthia.

The unique Chinese medicine culture is the accumulation of experience and wisdom passed down from generation to generation by the Chinese nation and has thus created the largest Chinese name on the earth.

In this program, Fohow hires competent Regional Managers who collaborate with its International Business School, which includes a team of TCM and business management experts who come to the ground and train people on TCM concepts, business management, and the use of Bioenergetics Meridian Machines.

More than 1 million distributors have benefited from these programs worldwide, with around 3,500 people in Kenya benefiting in the last year and a half as the Fohow Business in Kenya became more stable.

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