Choosing the right workout wear is key to exercising right

Choosing your workout clothes is the first step to achieving a successful workout.

The attire you wear to workout can make or break the whole exercise routine. You want to be comfortable and able to have a full range of motion when working out so picking out the clothes you wear is important.  Before purchasing a new set of activewear, there are some things you should consider.

The fabric is probably the first thing to consider. Go for fabric that pulls away from the skin (this is called wicking) and is breathable. When the fabric pulls away from the skin, the sweat you produce evaporates quicker and this keeps you cool. Such fabrics include nylon, spandex, bamboo, and polypropylene. Stay away from rubber and plastic materials. They are completely ‘unbreathable’ and are very risky to workout in; your body stays too hot and you could pass out.

Consider the location and the time that you are carrying out the workout. For example, if you are working out in the middle of the day when the sun is scorching, you will want to be in the lightest clothes. If you are working out in cold temperatures outside, you need to be more layered up by incorporating leggings and a jacket.

Go for clothes that fit. Of course you don’t want to be tripping or lacking breath when exercising. Activewear comes in all sizes so go for that which fits in length and form.

Undergarments are key. Your underwear should wick too and be breathable. Ever heard of chafing? This is when parts of your body become sore due to rubbing and friction. You do not want to experience chafing in your nether regions! For sports bras, choose fitting types that secure you. If your sports bra doesn’t offer enough support, your workout could be completely thrown off.

Don’t forget the socks! Contrary to what you think, cotton socks aren’t great since they absorb all the sweat and can cause extra friction. Go for socks that are blended in with nylon or wool since they are more breathable.


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