Churchill, king of comedy and a living legend

Churchill, features on the #livinglegendske campaign by KBC. The campaign is a chronicle various media icons’ influence across generations

At the time Churchill’s stage name was Professor Abednego

Kenya has a few notable media icons of old among them Mambo Mbotela and Elizabeth Omollo to mention a few. Along the way, these legends of media have left their indelible mark on Kenya’s media landscape; influencing entire generations of media personalities.

The #livinglegendske campaign by KBC is a chronicle of media icons’ influence across generations but also an ode to their legend.

Our first living legend is Churchill.

Churchill, born Daniel Wambua Ndambuki, is well-known in Kenya today for his weekly hit show “Churchill” and his comedic radio persona King’ang’ i on the Maina & King’angi show in the morning. Although he’s grown into a Kenyan comedic legend, his story begins at the

19 years ago, when you could still walk in with talent and land an audition, Churchill came for an audition at the Broadcasting House and landed a small role as the character Bwana Asaba.  That small role soon blossomed into a small stint as a football commentator that didn’t go well according to Churchill.

“I remember one-time tulienda na Jack Oyoo Sylvester Tusker Ruaraka (We went with Jack Oyoo Sylvester to Tusker Ruaraka).  It was a game ya tusker sijui na team gani (between Tusker and another team I can’t remember). Wee! The way Jack Oyoo anatangaza mpira (commentates football) my friend, that’s the way my career died.

Watu wameshika turadio kwa maskio wanakuangalia (People were holding portable radios to their ears and looking at me). Kwanza, umepewa sheets za nani anacheza, unaambiwa (I’d been given a list of all the players’ names and teams playing and shown…) this is the home team this is the away team na unafaa kuangalia pale (where to look).

So Jack anatangaza (starts commentating) aaaah amepiga mpira alafu ananipatia Ndambuki (and then he roped me into the conversation) aah mwenzangu Ndambuki mii naangalia izo makaratasi kwanza sioni majina imekuwa white yote (I was looking at those pages and couldn’t see a single name. All I could see was white.)  “mwenzangu ndambuki kama kidogo ntamrejeshea mbumba , eeh mpira unaanza kwa kasi kati kati nje… Ndambuki” napewa tena hee zile makaratasi bado sioni (He roped me into the conversation again and I still couldn’t see anything.)”

Given his success on radio and TV, it seems like it all worked for the best.


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