Cinemas & Theatre reviews Kalasha nominated film ‘Mwanga’

The film secured 8 Kalasha nominations in 2021.4

Report by Jackline Macharia; Blurb by Nzula.

KBC’s weekly News Programme Cinema and Theatres this week featured the filmmakers of the film Mwanga which premiered in Kenya in 2020.

Mwanga follows a Form One student, Mwanga, who tries to join a school music group but is bullied and faces discrimination from the elder students, who control cartels within the school. Eventually, Mwanga is allowed to form his own music group beating out his bullies in competition.

The film produced by Njuguna Ng’ang’a and directed by David Waronja was officially nominated for eight Kalasha Awards in 2021 in various categories including Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Sound Design, Best Original Score, Best Production Design and Best Director of Photography.

In this feature with Cinema & Theatres, the producer talk about managing an all high school cast, being nominated for 8 Kalashas and the film industry’s support of new talent.


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