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CISCO partners with ICTA in digital learning program

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Computer Information System Company (CISCO) and the ICT Authority are expected to launch the novel Country Digital Acceleration (CDA) and Networking Academy Programme in Kenya.

The program aims to accelerate digitization across the country while at the same time empowering its citizens.

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According to CISCO, it has invested over $180million and educated over 1.6 million students across the continent through its Networking Academies and pledged an additional $200 million over the next decade to train 3 million more students in digital skills and cybersecurity in Africa.

“Currently, 38,589 students join the program annually while a total of 133,881 students have been trained since the inception of the program, with a female representation of 29 pc.”

As it aims to onboard the government sector, universities and NGOs that target marginalized groups, the firm also said it has partnered with other organizations to offer Networking Academy courses which has received $18.7 million in resources since its inception.

The partners include Clean Start Kenya which empowers women impacted by criminal justice by training them on digital skills, The Klimanjaro Blind Trust Africa that supports the visually impaired and the Refushe Kenya which empowers refugees with digital skills accreditation.

Additionally, in its efforts to digitize the country, the tech company through its Sustainable and Secure Critical National Infrastructure pillar aims to identify projects that build and improve Kenya’s underlying digital infrastructure and foundational services.

“We intend to work with the government to identify projects in key areas such as the energy sector, healthcare, agriculture, national sports broadband connectivity, infrastructure and national cybersecurity,“ stated CISCO.

The event is slated for Friday at the University of Nairobi.

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