Citizen Accountability Framework launched

The office of the Auditor General has launched the Citizen Accountability Framework after three years of discussion.

In the initiative, Kenyans across the country will be expected to leverage the ICT tools including mobile phones and web-based portals to report mismanagement of public resources.

According to data from the office of the Auditor General, in the five years to 2014, Kenya raised 4.82 trillion shillings in revenue and in each year, 1 trillion shillings was uncounted for.

Since 2016, the office of the Auditor General has been in talks with development partners, civil society organizations and religious-based organizations to device a framework that will enhance accountability, and the plan to have a Citizen Accountability Audit was mooted.

According to the Auditor General, Dr. Edward Ouko, has reassured of an itemized budget in the implementation of this framework even as much focus is placed on the youth, most of who operate internet enabled devices.

Despite the stakeholders banking on the Citizen Accountability Audit as a game changer in improving accountability and reducing corruption, one of the major challenges likely to face the framework includes limited access to information by members of the public and issues of poor internet network connection.


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