Civil society protests on inequality

By Asha Hamisi

Civil society groups under the Social Movement Working Group against World Trade Organization-WTO want the Kenyan Government to withdraw completely from WTO so as to protect local peasant farmers and consumers.

Addressing the press Thursday morning when they held a parallel forum before marching towards the MC10 venue at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre to voice their opposition to the WTO, Cidi Otieno, who is one of the leaders that brings together Kenyan and international activists said the Kenyan government should treat WTO as the international criminal court-ICC alleging that it is a tool being used by developed nations for their self-interests.

The movement alleged that the on-going MC 10 meeting in Nairobi will not address the skewed nature of the WTO agreements as they will only serve to facilitate the multinationals to continue dominating the fragile African market at the expense of local entrepreneurs.


Although MC10 is expected to tackle the issue of agricultural subsidies rich countries extend to their farmers, activists argued there is no certainty the problem will be solved after more than 10 years of stalling.


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