CJ Maraga on Justice system efficiency quest

By Hallygan Agade

Chief Justice David Maraga has directed the Anti-Corruption Court to create an electronic Master Cases Data System to be used for tracking the status of cases.

Maraga said that they want to seal loopholes where cases have “disappeared without a trace in the system.” We do want cases to disappear in the system”. He noted

Additionally he has asked  Ethics and Anti-Corruption commission EACC and the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions to collaborate with the Judiciary in this project so that any of these agencies can click and know the status of any case at any one point in time.

He said he is already having discussions with judges on injunctions, delays in litigation processes, frequent adjournments of cases, poorly considered decisions on bail terms, bond and sentencing – issues that he noted have exposed the courts to abuse by the corrupt individuals who have ensured that the wheels of Justice are stalled.

He said his major focus is specifically on two important national questions: the anti-corruption fight and the forthcoming elections. “Therefore we cannot exhibit division and helplessness in the face of these challenges. In fact, to do so, is to admit that there is institutional failure state collapse”. He said.

Maraga reiterated that for the judiciary players to succeed, they must be candid and honest in their conversations and actions as well as talk openly both as individuals or collectively on making the Judiciary, EACC and ODPP ineffective, and agree on practical and concrete steps to improve on  performance as agencies and as a sector.

He said they must come up with a plan that should be subject to continuous monitoring and evaluation. Each institution must take responsibility for its performance and the culture of buck-passing must end. He was addressing the 18th National Council on the Administration of justice in Nairobi.



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