CJ Willy Mutunga to magistrates, maintain ingenuity

By KBC Reporter

Chief Justice Dr. Willy Mutunga has called on Kenyans to redirect their energies towards national transformation.

The CJ in a speech to newly inducted magistrates said while the Constitution set an ambitious goal to lead the transformation of the Kenyan society, “we need to begin by first transforming ourselves,” said the CJ.

Noting the Judiciary is deploying the highest intellect, the greatest exertion and the keenest enthusiasm to the task of delivering justice, the CJ noted that the magistracy cadre still remains under established and the Judicial Service Commission will be keen to advertise and competitively fill in the remaining vacancies in order to improve access to justice and reduce case backlog.

“Magistrates are at the retail end of our business in the Judiciary, and that is why it will continue to receive the greatest attention when it comes to staffing,” said Dr. Willy Mutunga.

Speaking when he admitted 30 Senior Resident Magistrate and Chief Magistrate, the CJ said there was need to increase the capacity of the magistrates’ court in order to provide service to the ever growing population.

“Kenya’s population has grown, and so, too, has the need for accessible judicial services. For many Kenyans, the only face of the Judiciary they will ever see and interact with is the magistrate’s court,” said the CJ.

He urged the newly admitted magistrates to ensure high standards of integrity as they dispense justice to Kenyans.

“You must undertake your duties with integrity, fairness and steadfast morality,” he said adding  that the fight against corruption has been elevated noting that the that the Judiciary is aloof and officious should be shed so as to make the third estate that is the Judiciary more approachable.

“Let me reiterate that as you join the judiciary family, it is important that you hold yourself to the high standards the judiciary family is trying to set in its values, conduct, and service delivery,” he said and added,  “This is public service; not a personal benefit or enrichment career. You must remain true to your oath of office.”

The CJ asked the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) to take disciplinary action against judicial officers and administrative staff engaging in corruption.

“The JSC will recommend tribunals, and where other judicial officers and administrative staff are involved, it shall take stern disciplinary measures,” said the CJ.

The CJ reminded the new Magistrates to take their work seriously, “You are standing at the threshold of a great institution, and I bid you to walk into its warm embrace. As you can all attest, joining the Judiciary is no mean feat.”


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