Class 3 pupil stabs classmate to death over sex

By Roncliffe Odit.

A class three pupil from Githinji Primary school in Kinangop town in Nyandarua County has murdered his classmate by stabbing her seven times.

The incident happened after she allegedly rejected his sexual advances.

The incident happened in Magumu in Kinangop Nyandarua County, a remote village now on the map with the 13 year old boy becoming arguably its youngest murder suspect.

The bizarre incident unfolded at around 7:30pm last night when the 2 teenagers allegedly went to a nearby shop to buy sweets before the strange sequence of events that left her dead.

The girl’s mother Pauline Njeri spoke of her daughter’s high spirits moments prior to heading out to the shops with the young suspect, a well-known neighbor, she says.

‘Good Samaritan’ Robert Igamba says he rushed the young girl to hospital, but his efforts came to naught after she succumbed to the injuries.

The young suspect is currently being held at the Njambini Police station, his second day in custody, as questions still linger on what exactly transpired before he committed the act.

Before her death, the girl was able to identify her attacker.


Additional words by Victor Muyakane.



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