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Clergy asks President Ruto to prioritize addressing cost of living in 2024

Calls for the government and the opposition to close ranks and share ideas that may benefit the nation also reverberate during new year celebrations.

Reverend David Kiong'ori of the Zoe Worship Centre in Kinoo spoke during the New Year cross over celebrations on 31st December 2023.

A section of the clergy now wants President William Ruto to focus his attention on making life affordable for Kenyans this new year. According to the clergy, the head of state ought to do this as part of a fulfillment of his pre-election pledge to reduce to cost of living.

Reverend David Kiong’ori of the Zoe Worship Centre in Kinoo, Nairobi, says the president should listen to Kenyans and work towards making life bearable for ordinary citizens.

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“Kenyans brought you into power just to serve them. Serve Kenyans by prioritizing the needs of common mwananchi. Many are languishing and frustrated because they don’t have food, shelter, and health,” he said

“Before we consider other things, let’s first consider the plight of Kenyans who cannot afford to put food on the table,” Rev. King’ori added

He also called for national unity and urged the government to engage the opposition and borrow some of its ideas that may benefit the nation.

“I believe in harmony. I believe in unity. Those in opposition and those in government, we are all brothers and sisters. I don’t see anything that can stop our President from reaching out to the opposition because we need to work together,” he said

“We all have ideas of how to improve our land Kenya and we can help each other to grow, and fix problems facing us,” he added

At the same time, Rev King’ori wants the political class to analyze the National Dialogue Committee (NADCO) report before implementing it. The calls come at a time when the report continues to create a divide over the issue of the cost of living.

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