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Clergy call for a truce between government, opposition

The clergy in Migori County has urged leaders across the political divide to have a dialogue and find amicable solutions to challenges facing the nation.

The Vice Chairperson of the National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK) Bishop John Okinda said that the country was being subjected to unnecessary tension from the weekly demonstrations by the opposition.

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Okinda said though the demonstration was a civil right, the recent picketing in parts of the country resulted in deaths and destruction of property.

He noted that it was advisable for both parties to sit down to ensure peace, prosperity, and love among the people.

Okinda explained that the church was ready to mediate between the two political divides to diffuse the political tension that is being experienced in the country.

However, he asked political leaders to desist from defamatory remarks and tone down on political rhetoric to ensure a lasting solution is achieved.

“The church is always non-partisan and therefore it is paramount that both parties listen to the voice of reason and people,” said Okinda.

Chairperson of The Inter-Religious Council of Kenya (IRCK) – Migori Chapter Relevant Charles Otigo emphasized that there was a need for political tolerance in the country to steer the country’s economic growth and peace.

He noted that youths are the biggest shareholders of the country and stand to lose more if the nation is destroyed both economically and politically.

Otigo said that the recent demonstrations have turned from peaceful to violent going against the spirit of the 2010 constitution that advocates for the peaceful right to picketing.

The clergy also called upon the ruling class to foster dialogue to enhance peace and national cohesion in order to achieve the perspective of good governance between the political divide.

“We the citizens have elected the political class to hold those positions, entrusted them with our lives, and given them the mandate to represent our ideas and therefore they should be willing to listen and represent the people as per their wishes,” stated Otigo.

He added that the country’s political leadership should be willing to engage the opposition and address some of their grievances including the high cost of living.


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