Clergy calls for enactment of the gender rule

The clergy has weighed in on the directive by the Chief Justice David Maraga advising President Uhuru Kenyatta to dissolve the parliament following its inability to enact the two-thirds gender rule.

Speaking at the Holy Family Basilica on Sunday Rev.Fr. Peter Kamomoe said Leaders must uphold the constitution since Kenyans believed in it and passed it.

“Why did we Kenyans pass the constitution if we didn’t want to enact it fully? This only means we did not reflect on every aspect properly.” He stated

“If the constitution says that a certain number of women should be in parliament then that must be followed,” Father Kamomoe said

However, Father Kamomoe urged women to believe in themselves and go for leadership positions without waiting for free seats in the parliament.

At the same time, the clergy reminded Kenyans to listen carefully to promises that leaders make during campaigns.

Father Kamomoe said the country is now in a campaign mode and urged Kenyans to decisively choose leaders come 2022.

“In Kenya, we have no leaders, we only have politicians. Kenyans have been lied to so many times and we have seen it. We must rise above the lies and choose the right leaders.” He stated


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