Clergy defends the reopening of places of worship

The clergy has refuted claims that the need for tithes is the motive behind their campaign for the reopening of worship places, terming it as blasphemy.

In an interview with KBC on Wednesday, Bishop Elizabeth Thuiya, the National Chair House of Clergy Associations said that the claims from the public that most religious leaders depend solely on the offerings from their congregations were false.

 “We want churches to be opened for fellowship purposes. There is a need for church worship as many are encouraged when they assemble together in church. The spiritual state of the country is wanting. Muranga noted that there is a drop-in social trend leading to trauma, hopelessness and depression.”

At the same time, Bishop James Murunga, a member of the Evangelical Alliance of Kenya pointed out challenges in conducting online services because they are very expensive and inaccessible to the majority of its members.

The clergy has been on the forefront in calling on the government to allow churches reopen, adding that they can play an important role in the war against COVID-19 pandemic.

 “I am hopeful that we will soon be able to gather again in our respective places of worship. We are glad the government is addressing the issue. Let us remain calm and observe guidelines from the ministry of health,” said Bishop Murunga.


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