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CMG holds first “Twinkle Star Project” animation tour in Nairobi, Kenya

CMG animation tour of the ‘’Twinkle Star Project’’ PHOTO/CGTN AFRICA

China Media Group’s (CMG) “Twinkle Star Project” first animation tour after its launch was held on June 10, at the Village Market in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi.

The event was attended by students from Mcedo Beijing School and the China-Kenya cultural center. During the event, CMG screened a number of Chinese cartoons to enable Kenyan students to learn more about the Chinese culture.

Fredrick Sango, a teacher from Mcedo Beijing School accompanied his students for the screening today and he says this initiative will deepen their knowledge on China-Kenya relationship.

“Learners were very excited because they saw it as an opportunity to know more about China, and to be able to interact with these children”, Sango said.

Learners also engaged in activities that included a drawing competition. The competition is aimed at enabling both the Kenya and Chinese students to learn about each other’s culture.

“I look forward to some of my students winning and in the long run I hope Mandarin can be taught in Mcedo Beijing school,” Sango said during an interview with CGTN.

Learners during the drawing competition at the CMG animation tour. PHOTO/CGTN Africa

The “Twinkle Star” animation exhibition tour is a major media event launched by China Media Group (CMG) in Nairobi on May 31. It is scheduled to run from June through December, during which caravans equipped with professional equipment will reach rural schools in Kenya and screen Chinese animation for local children.

CMG animation Tour. PHOTO/CGTN Africa

Sino-Kenya relations marks their 60th year anniversary and the “Twinkle Star Project” seeks to promote cultural exchanges and integration between the Chinese and Kenyan people.