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CMG holds third rehearsal for 2024 Spring Festival Gala


China Media Group (CMG) successfully held the third rehearsal for the 2024 Spring Festival Gala on Sunday.

This year’s gala aims to draw inspiration from traditional Chinese cultural elements, highlighting people’s confidence and pursuit of a happy life, and sending warm New Year wishes to Chinese people around the world.

During the rehearsal, the creative Spring Festival custom program created by the program team showcases the rich and diverse Chinese food culture. The innovative interpretation of the traditional “Baduanjin,” a traditional aerobics form, sends good wishes for health and good fortune to the audience.

Sincere Spring Festival wishes can be found throughout the program, showing a rich breath of life and truly reflecting people’s inner desires.

This year, the Spring Festival Gala crew continues to extend a warm invitation to thousands of ordinary people who work hard and sweat in pursuit of a better life.

CMG launched the Spring Festival Gala global viewing in New York on January 26, and special events will take place in Switzerland, Kenya, and other countries.

Through the Spring Festival Gala, people around the world will be able to get closer to China and understand China through a “cultural business card,” while also sharing the unique charm of Chinese Spring Festivals and cultures through laughter and songs.