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Coast leaders laud state for reducing cost of living

Coast leaders have hailed the Kenya Kwanza administration for lowering the cost of living through well-crafted policy interventions.

They cited the recent reduction of retail prices of petroleum as announced by the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA).

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The pump price of super petrol, Diesel and Kerosene decreased by Ksh7.21, Sh5.09 and Ksh4.49 respectively.

Speaking during an Iftar dinner organized by UDA nominated Senator Miraji Abdillahi in Mtongwe, Likoni constituency Friday.

Matuga MP Kassim Tandaza appealed to the Matatu Owners Association to reduce fares commensurate with the decline in the prices of fuel.

“When the fuel price was raised by Ksh3 the fare from Kwale to Likoni was increased from Ksh100 up to Ksh150. I want to appeal to Matatu industry players before we start to enforce although it is a free market to reduce fares,” said Tandaza.

“When fuel increases by Ksh3 they hike fares by Ksh50 but when it reduces by Ksh7 they are adamant to make changes,” he added.

Former Tana River Governor Hussein Dado noted that prices of basic commodities are reducing expeditiously because of government interventions.

“The price of maize flour has been reduced because of government-subsidized fertilizers. Let’s be patient our President wants to transform the country like South Korea and other Asian tigers in the coming years,” said Dado, adding, that the dollar price to Kenya shillings is on a downward trajectory.

“The president told us he won’t fund consumption but production we have started to see the fruits of the interventions,” he stated adding more vulnerable citizens get stipend monthly from the government.

On her part, Nominated Miraji Abdillahi said when Kenya Kwanza took the reins of power some people were sceptical of the ruling party manifesto as espoused in the plan to reduce the cost of living.

She said the government through the Affordable housing program has created jobs for thousands of young people and 54,000 teachers were also employed.

Abdillahi challenged coast governors to prioritize development projects that will improve the livelihoods of our communities.

“Our Eastern region neighbours have built mango factories but no single Coast Governor has built a factory that will make us proud of devolution. Industries will create employment opportunities for our youths,” she stated.

The Galana Kulalu project, she added, if undertaken by coastal counties would have more benefits to our communities.

She challenged Mombasa Governor Abdulswamad Nassir to leverage the Dongo Kundu Special Economic Zone for value addition from farm products from neighbouring counties.

“Mombasa can be a value addition hub, it will create employment for many youths. As leaders let’s cooperate to transform our region,” she said, urging, coast leaders to stop political bickering and support the government in the fight against the drug abuse menace.

Kwale Senator Issa Boy described her nominated counterpart as being a unifying leader by bringing together people from all walks of life to share a meal. He urged leaders to unite for the sake of spurring development as elections are over.

Deputy Government Spokesperson Mwanaisha Chidzuga urged Coastal leaders to shun divisive politics and work with the government to champion the region’s interests.

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