Coast region political party: Is a new outfit about to be unveiled?

A major political party meant to unite the Coast region is in the process of being unveiled. In fact, a section of leaders from the region intimate that the new outfit could be launched in the next 5 months.

Kilifi County Governor Amason Kingi says the region will no longer support any other political entity whose origin is not the Coast. The county chief notes that previous attempts to form a party exclusive to the region failed as a result of disunity among members of the political class.

But while speaking in Kaloleni, Kingi hailed praised legislators drawn from the region for skipping the launch of United Democratic Alliance (UDA) noting that was an indication of major changes that are looming in the political scene.

He wants Coast political leadership to come together and stop antagonism against each other.

“You cannot stand in public and call for unity amongst the coastal people and the next minute you are out insulting them.” He said

In a move that might be seen as setting a precedence to breaking away from the Orange Democratic Movement, Kingi said they will no longer support parties from other regions. He said the Coast will delink itself from the common political parties contrary to what has been happening in the past.

“We are tired of being maligned in nation’s development. We will move together as one. We have more than 3 million votes and cannot take orders from anyone” he charged

He was speaking during the burial of former Kaloleni MP, Chea Gunga Mwinga. Gunga served as Kaloleni MP between 2013 and 2017 under Kadu Asili.

He lost the seat to Paul Katana of ODM in 2017 when he vied under the Devolution Party of Kenya.


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