Masks are unavoidable but face breakouts are not

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Masks, whether medical or cloth, have become part of our outfit when leaving the house. Which is part of how the Coronavirus has changed how we live and interact. As such, it is more important to focus on your skincare routine than it is your make up routine, especially if you’re developing acne from wearing your mask.

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Here are a few tips to help you avoid breakouts.

Wash your face

Depending on how much you wear a mask, it is advisable to always wash your face before (to avoid trapping dirt which might clog your pores) and after wearing a mask (to wash any dirt you might have picked up). 

Use a gentle cleanser and pat your face dry to avoid irritating your pores. 

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Don’t reuse your mask

If you are wearing a cloth mask, make sure you wear a clean one each time. A dirty one can irritate your skin causing acne. Make sure you keep several cloth masks handy.

Wash your face mask with fragrance-free soap

Some fragrance ingredients are known to cause skin rashes and cause toxic hormonal effects. 

Skip the makeup

If you can, skip the makeup. Masks cover your skin directly, meaning your makeup is all but trapped underneath it making it very hard for your skin to breathe. Not only will this cause a breakout but the residue from the makeup will ruin your mask.


Use a moisturiser before putting on your mask as this acts as a thin barrier between your face and mask as dry skin is more irritable.


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