Coming soon: Sungura

Sungura premieres on 10th September.

Directed by Lydia Matata and produced by Ivy Kiru, the film Sungura is one that aims to break existing perceptions of what sex and sexuality means for people living with disability. There are dozens of stereotypes that implicate persons living with disabilities negatively, especially when it comes to their reproductive health. There are misconceptions about their needs, capacities and intentions when it comes to sex, which is why Sungura may be an important film.

Sungura the film stars Auudi Rowa, Florence Njeri Wamgui, Kauthar Kang’ethe and Mwajuma Bella. In the movie, Kemunto is struggling to fit in at a friend’s bridal shower, when Mama Asali, a traditional sexologist (Senga), arrives and draws her into the fun. But it quickly becomes clear that Mama Asali’s routine is not designed for Kemunto who uses a wheelchair thus making her frustrated and increasingly withdrawn. The assumption by the other women that having a disability means she can’t have sex, makes her feel worse. A vibrator is introduced into the party, sparking Kemunto’s interest.

Sungura has been a finalist of the Interfilm Festival Script Pitch competition and the Screencraft Film Grant. The movie is a creation of The Film & Laundry Company; a young and dynamic indie film studio that is committed to telling unique, character driven stories with a focus on diverse issues



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