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COP28: Global stocktake draft says world is getting hotter


The world is not collectively on track in achieving the goals of Paris agreement on climate change.

This is the verdict of the draft text for the global stock take which was released Friday at the ongoing COP28.

The draft text says the window to take action is rapidly narrowing and there is need for more to be done to check global warming.

The report is calling on countries, especially the rich economies to scale down on the use of fossil fuels, develop new nationally determined measures to curb climate change and double investment in climate financing. 

Speaking to world leaders during the conference, the UN Secretary General António Guterres said earth’s vital signs are failing and to prevent planetary crash and burn, “we need…cooperation and political will.”

The UN chief delivered his impassioned appeal at the high-level opening of the Global Climate Action Summit, which will see world leaders and Heads of State and Government taking centre stage for the next two days in the Al Waha Theatre in Dubai’s iconic Expo City.

Warning that “humanity’s fate is hanging in the balance”, the Secretary-General said world leaders must act now to end the climate catastrophe.

“This is a sickness only you, global leaders, can cure,” he said, calling on the leaders to end the world’s dependence on fossil fuels and to fulfill the long overdue promise for climate justice.

Guterres also welcomed the breakthrough achieved Thursday on the opening day of COP28 after delegates reached a deal on the operationalisation a fund for loss and damage to help the world’s most vulnerable countries pay for the devastating impacts of climate disaster.

United in crisis

In his remarks to the Action Summit, the Secretary-General recalled to his recent trips to Antarctica and Nepal, pointing out how he witnessed first-hand the scale and extent of melting ice and glaciers.

“These two spots are far in distance, but united in crisis,” said Guterres.

He cautioned though that this is just one symptom of the sickness bringing our climate to its knees.

Painting a worrisome picture of ongoing climate chaos, the UN chief said global heating is busting budgets, ballooning food prices, upending energy markets, and feeding a cost-of-living crisis.

“We are miles from the goals of the Paris Agreement and minutes to midnight for the 1.5-degree limit.”

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