Inflation drops to 5.8pc in April

The cost of weighted goods and services dropped in the month of April on accounts of improved rainfall and stable fuel prices.

The Kenya Bureau of Standards inflation report for the month of April indicates cost of foodstuffs dropped marginally to 5.8% from 5.9% in March.

At 5.9, the inflation is within medium term policy target set by the central bank of Kenya.

According to the monthly inflation report by the statistics agency, the prices of tomatoes, cabbages and potatoes increased by 8.50%, 5.68% and 3.85%, respectively.

However prices of sugar and oranges decreased by 0.56% and 0.06%, respectively.

A kilo of sugar was retailing at Ksh 114 in most surveyed outlets compared to 114.20 in March 2021.

Consumers forked out more for charcoal and house rent for a one-bedroom unit, which was up by 1.83% and 0.05%, respectively.

According to the report by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, monthly cost of living inflation for January was 5.69%, February 5.78%, March 5.90%, and April 5.76%.

The month-to-month Food and Non-Alcoholic Drinks Index increased by 1.73% between March 2021 and April 2021.

These food prices were mainly attributed to an increase in the prices of some food items, which outweighed the decrease in prices of other foodstuffs.

The Housing, Water, Electricity, Gas and Other Fuels’ Index increased by 0.38% between March 2021 and April 2021.

The KNBS data is generated from data collected through monthly surveys of retail prices that target a representative basket of household consumption goods and services.


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