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Countries urged to come up with creative ways to develop climate solutions

Countries have been urged to rise to the occasion to create climate solutions creatively as the impacts of climate change continue to be increasingly felt across developing nations.

Professor David Wilkinson, the Principal of St. John’s College, is also a lead trainer in the Department of Theology and Religion at Durham University in the United Kingdom, rooted for incorporating transparency, inclusion, and scientific partnerships for effective climate action.

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During a public lecture at St. Paul’s University that saw scientists meet theologians who will collaboratively innovate approaches to climate action for the world’s broader sustainable development objectives, Prof. Wilkinson insisted that countries must commit to climate justice for better lives.

“Message from those of us from countries that have abused the environment the most is a message of sorrow and sadness of what we have caused on climate change matters. We need to work together to change our minds and commit to climate justice, which is not about looking at the planet but also supporting the most affected, the poorest in the society, as they need justice.”

Dr. Lucus Mix, a project coordinator for Equipping Christian Leadership in an Age of Science (ECLAS), echoed Prof. Wilkinson’s sentiments noting that science and theology have a role to play in restoring environmental sanity.

Dr. Mix called for a whole-of-society strategy involving community groups working with national, regional governments, and local authorities to rehabilitate the forestry ecosystems.

On his part, Prof. Peter Ngure, St. Paul University’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor, revealed that the varsity will be the hub that will host theologians and scientists to research and unearth how the two affects society.

Prof. Ngure said the newfound relationship would help clerics to get explanations for nuisances around science to mitigate unnecessary fears between science and theology.
However, he said there is a need for the African continent to be in the limelight in distinguishing theology and science, saying the latest lessons from Prof. Wilkinson have been an eye opener.


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