County Assemblies threaten to shut down operations

The County Assemblies Forum has directed County Assemblies to shut down operations from Thursday 24th September if the Senate will not have agreed on the 3rd basis revenue sharing formula.

The forum has also supported the move by the Governors to shut down Counties saying the Senate must take responsibility.

The organization said Counties shouldn’t lose money and that the proposed new formula should only apply on the extra Ksh 58b.

“CAF maintains that there should be equitable sharing of revenue capped at 45% of the particular budget under implementation.”

The Forum has called for financial autonomy of the County Assemblies to enhance oversight at County level.

They also want a County Assembly Fund to be formed alongside the County Revenue Fund.

The Forum also wants the BBI to establish the Ward Equitable development fund with 30% of the current annual County development budget going to the same.



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