Flagging off the Elimu scholarship program

Parents whose children got Elimu and wings to fly scholarships in Garissa County have been advised against transferring their children to other schools without noticing the selection committee as they stand to lose the scholarship.

Speaking at Garissa High School during the unveiling of the beneficiaries of the Elimu scholarship, Garissa Equity Bank Branch Manager Shadrack Muithya further took issue with some students whom he said were giving the committee charged with running the programme a difficult time by frequently asking for transfers.

This he said would not be entertained noting that changing schools during the scholarship period will only be done if the reasons are found to be strong enough.

“We are having a problem with some students who immediately after joining secondary school, and after their school fees has been paid, they come to my office asking to be transferred to another school. Most of them want schools that are in the Home Counties,” he said.

He said the reasons that were given by some of the students were very weak adding that it all boiled down to lack of discipline which he said needs to be looked into.

“I want to make it clear that a student may only change schools during the scholarship period, with our written approval, and subject to fulfillment of any conditions we may attach to such approval,” he said.

Muithya said that an application for approval of change of schools shall be made in writing and must be approved by ones home equity branch.

Muithya further faulted parents whom he accused of not monitoring their children’s performance and ensuring that that they remain discipline throughout their academic period.

“Throughout the duration of your scholarship, you must maintain good grades that are consistent to the performance you posted in KCPE and adhere to agreed targets as shall be set from time to time,” he said.

He went on: “As for discipline, throughout your scholarship students under our programmes are required to maintain high discipline standards both at home and in school. We don’t want to see situation where one is found engaging in activities that attract disciplinary measures by the school management.”

On his part area MP Dekow Mohamed called on the students not to waste the opportunity presented to them by excelling in their academics.

He further discouraged parents against taking their children to private schools and instead take them to public schools where they stood better chances of either from sponsorship or through bursary.

“This obsession with taking our children to private schools even when you very well know that as a parent you are struggling to raise the school fees should stop. the children will still perform whether irrespective of the school in which he or she is studying. In fact the advantages of having your child in a public school are many,” he said.

Leaders who spoke at the event called on parents to take their role of molding their children and ensuring that they maintain high levels of discipline even when at home during holidays.

A total of 1,823 students were awarded with scholarship, a join programme between the national government and World Bank and which is being implemented by the equity bank. 

Garissa township got 383 got the biggest share that the manager said was based on enrolment.


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