Sand loaders accuse Burat locals of exploitation.

Sand loaders and transporters in Isiolo County have staged a go slow for the third consecutive day, protesting what they termed as over exploitation by the host community in Sand loading sites across Burat Ward.

The loaders claim youth deemed to come from other areas have also been barred from engaging in sand loading activities rendering over 500 of them jobless.

Led by the Chairperson of Isiolo Transporters Association Ben Mugambi, the lorry owners and sand loaders decried massive extortion by the host community in Burat with unknown people erecting barriers along the road and demanding money, despite the transporters having paid official levies to both the County Government and the community as well.

The Sand loaders are also protesting over a letter they received from an association of the local host community, barring sand loaders from outside Burat ward from engaging in loading activities in the area as from January 23 onwards.

The sand transporters have appeal to Isiolo Governor Abdi Guyo’s administration to move with speed and resolve the stalemate, in order to enable them to return to their usual activities and earn a living.

The Construction industry in Isiolo town and its environs has been dealt a huge blow as there is no supply of building sand for three days now, while the County government has also lost revenue to the tune of hundreds of thousands as a result.

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