Nominated senator Raphael Chimera

Nominated senator Raphael Chimera has revealed the fight against individuals or companies involved in the evasion to submit taxes was politicised during the previous regime of Jubilee admnistration.

The lawyer and advocate of the high court who has transitioned into the murky waters of politics after getting nominated by United Democratic Alliance (UDA) following their victory to power in the 2022 General Elections said he was the victim of witch-hunt because of his association with President William Ruto who was then second in command. 

"Sometimes early 2022,I was appointed by President Ruto to serve in his party National Elections Board.Few weeks into my appointment, I received an email from KRA seeking to scrutinise my Law Firm Accounts.KRA has never sought to look through my accounts in my practice." noted Chimera. 

Early last year,Keroche Breweries CEO and Nakuru senator Tabitha Karanja claimed that the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) was being influenced by external actors seeking to frustrate and discredit the company in a bid to strategically eject it out of the market.

She said the allegations of unpaid taxes  against her establishment was being motivated by other underlying factors in the local beer-making scene and not just the tax issue owing to Keroche's local heritage and its status in the Kenyan market.

“It is not that we are unreliable. I tend to think that there are people who continue pushing. Maybe without the KRA knowing they are being pushed by other people to show that the local brand cannot match the international brand. So always there is an issue to bring down the brand of Keroche Breweries,” she remarked. 

Liquor manufacturer Humphrey Kariuki was also the subject of investigation over tax evasion after the  Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) asserted  it will prove over Sh17billion was not remitted by the international business magnate in revenue.

Mr Kariuki  however remained  "confident that he will be vindicated at the end of it, in the spirit of the highest principles of justice and that his innocence will be established."

Earlier this month,Communications Authority of Kenya board chair Mary Wambui Mungai  secured a major relief in court after a magistrate allowed prosecutors to withdraw the Sh2.2 billion tax evasion case.

The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) had told the anti-corruption court that Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA), Ms Mungai and her daughter Purity Njoki had concluded negotiations that commenced last October.

The two had been charged as directors of Purma Holdings Limited with alleged failure to pay taxes amounting to Sh2,231,789,125.

The head of state has reiterated his commitment in assuring members of the public that people with political connections will also pay taxes like the rest of Kenyans.

The President who regretted that previous regimes eliminated taxes for people who were in power, their families and business associates further said the government would end its reliance on borrowing to meet its budget obligations if all Kenyans paid taxes.

Ruto yesterday claimed opposition protest rallies are being financed by people he didn’t name but who, he said, were keen on evading payment of taxes.

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