Lake Ol Bolossat was re-gazetted in 2019 and it is a fully protected Wetland.

Lake Ol-Bolossat is the only natural Lake in Mt. Kenya and it lies between the Aberdare Ranges and Dundori Ridge.

The lake was gazetted as a Wetland Protected Area in 2015, effectively, title deeds for the land stand dissolved. Lake Ol Bolossat was re-gazetted in 2019 and it is a fully protected Wetland.

For years, the Lake has been a tourist destination center but this is slowly changing as the lake's beauty has been greatly destroyed by illegal herders drawn from neighboring counties of Isiolo Laikipia, Samburu and Baringo.

Speaking to the press, voluntary Environmentalist Wachira Njari alleged that some prominent individuals have grabbed the land making it hard for the lake to rejuvenate.

He added that despite their recent suggestion of the lake being given to KWS, nothing has happened and this has become a major contributing factor to the lake drying up.

Area residents Manasse Muthui and John Maina added that the drastic change has led to the lake drying up and this has greatly affected the beauty of the lake as the wildlife there have disappeared making it to lose its value.

The problem is becoming worse each day since unknown herders from neighboring counties have camped there with their livestock and there is no action taken against them since they're are perceived to be protected by wealthy persons somewhere.

 It is their call for the national government together with the county government to address this issue during the upcoming World WetLands Day and to take an immediate action  to rescue this lake by fencing to address encroachment and roaming hippos, an all-inclusive management plans, rehabilitation of the catchment areas, and regulation of irrigation projects.

The residents further want the lake to be given back to KWS as it is the only governing body that will protect this great lake


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