Nominated senator Gloria Orwoba following keenly during the Induction in Mombasa

Nominated senator Gloria Orwoba has underscored the commitment by the Senate in discharging their mandate of passing  laws that touch on the counties and exercising  a crucial role to play in the sphere of politics and governance.

The vocal lawmaker was speaking in Mombasa on the sidelines of week-long House Committees induction that saw members equipped with tools needed to effectively discharge their constitutional mandate of representation, oversight and legislation.

"Mombasa County was a success as we deliberated on key issues affecting our people and our roles to oversight counties in the quest to provide service oriented leadership to  the ordinary citizens .As part of the Senate committee for Delegated Legislation,we are  dedicated to implementing our  mandate hence the just concluded induction and strategy workshop" she said.

The youthful senator known for her no-nonsense approach to key issues on the floor of the house was nominated by the United Democratic Alliance (UDA )following their ascendancy  to power in the 2022 August General Elections. 

In November last year,she noted that she had set far-reaching goals that she intended to implement on the floor of the Senate despite the challenges that come with the parliamentary protocol, and bureaucracies. 

"I came with such a big vision and all the things that I was going to do and I quickly realised that those were not realistic.You enter Senate and then you realize there is protocol, bureaucracy then I lowered my goals. I told myself that if I come out with only two bills then I will be good." remarked Orwoba

Her focus has been legislation pertaining  ICT and the digital economy which President William Ruto has prioritised his admnistration's investment as an avenue of creating  employment for the youth thus spurring growth in the country.

She is the chair of the Women MPs in ICT Caucus; a first ever in Africa, that seeks to push for inclusion of girls and women in the ICT world

Orwoba made headlines in December last year following friendly fire exchange in Parliament with Kakamega senator Boni Khalwale over the impeachment of Meru governor Kawira Mwangaza.

Khalwale while supporting the proposal to have the impeachment motion against heard by an 11-member special committee,Orwoba on the other hand was rooting for committee membership to have more women, saying it would accord Governor Mwangaza a fair hearing.

“You cannot come to the Senate and institute discrimination by trying to convince this House that there is a formula that says when you have less women at the table of representation, then that is the formula that Kenyans should accept because it works best for gender. That is misleading the House,” stated Orwoba.

The Senate in Kenya derives its legislative authority from the people of the Republic of Kenya. It manifests the diversity of the nation, represents the will of the people, and exercises their sovereignty

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