Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki in Nyandarua County.

The Government has outlined measures to conserve the degrading Lake Ol' Bollosat in Nyandarua County.

Among the measures set out by Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki, include planting of trees around the Lake, fencing it off as well as evicting encroachers  in Lake Ol' Bolossat.

The ongoing drought has led to the lake to lose over 90 per cent of its waters, a move that has in the last one month seen residents protest, a move that has since forced the latest governments intervention.

The Cabinet Secretary said the interventions will be done by the Interior Ministry, Water and Sanitation and Environment and Forestry.

"This is a now a matter of great concern. It is now a security threat as residents will now be fighting for the natural resource. We will be working together with the ministry of environment to bring back the lake to its lost glory," he said at Miharati trading center during a function to open the newly constructed Kipipiri Deputy County Commissioner’s office.

Kindiki regretted that human encroachment had led to the drying up of the lake.

“We will move swiftly to evict those who have encroached on the riparian land. This will not be a story anymore. The lake has to be restored,”he warned.

Nyandarua woman MP Faith Gitau complained that illegal grazers from the nearby Baringo, Isiolo and Samburu counties were also to blame for contributing to the destruction of the nearby Aberdare forest which is the source of the lakes waters.

For the last three months  we have seen thousands of them troop to the nearby forests as well as the lakes  land in search of water and pasture. They have destroyed trees planted around the lake a move that has seen the lake dry up. It is now a matter of major concern, “she regretted.

Kindiki promised that the herders will immediately be removed.

"I have instructed all the government agencies to immediately take action. The Lake provides waters to five counties and we cannot allow the degradation to continue. We have to conserve it" he said.

Kindiki also assured residents that the thought of   grabbing the Lake is for day dreamers.

"The saving of this lake will go hand in hand with repossession of the grabbed riparian land. No person will be allowed to hive part of the lake or the forests near it". He said.

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