Borehole drilling rig machine. Photo/Courtesy

A few days after striking fresh water at Kakiteitei in Kapedo Napeitom Ward, Turkana East, the County drilling team has delivered yet another borehole dubbed 'Borehole 6' at Nabulon in Turkana Central with an estimated hourly yield of between 25 to 30 cubic meters.

The preliminary reports issued by the principal drilling superintendent Engineer Moses Opuru indicated that the water quality was good for human consumption and watering of animals as plans were underway to submit samples to the laboratory for comprehensive analysis.

CEC Water Services Faith Aletia said that the borehole was the first in a series of five others that were recently advertised and awarded for the purpose of resolving water access challenges in Lodwar Municipality.

Noting that Lodwars' population had increased manyfolds owing to rapid urbanization following the inaugration of the County, CEC Aletia said that the existing water infrastructure was unable to meet the required demand hence the need for additional boreholes.

CEC Aletia hinted that the drilling team had moved to yet another job within the Municipality after positive hydrological surveys identified locations where estimated hourly yield varied between 30 and 50 cubic meters.

"As a strategy, we have adopted a structural approach to water delivery in line with Governor Lomorukai agenda for the residents of Turkana. As such, new water infrastructure will be strategically developed as routine maintenance of existing infrastructure to restore their functionality will also run simultaneously." CEC Aletia said.

Chief officer Simon Etom said that the success has come against a backdrop of biting drought and lauded the efforts of the drilling team for a job well done.

Chief Etom hinted that the department was working with partners to prioritize the delivery of the water promise to the residents of Turkana and create an opportunity for diversified use of the precious commodity to other viable uses for such as agriculture and irrigation for the economic benefit of the locals.

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