County plan to help Nairobi in fight against violent extremism

Nairobi County is developing a County Action Plan (CAP) that will help Counter Violent Extremism (CVE) and terrorist activities in Nairobi.

Nairobi County Commissioner Flora Mworoa who associated extremism problem with social, political and health issues said the County Plan will involve all stakeholders in the fight against violent extremism, terrorism, radicalization and recruitment.

“The government has done a lot to eliminate the attacks, and since it cannot fight it alone, it has brought all stakeholders on board to help prevent and counter the vice,” said Mworoa.

The County Commissioner was speaking on Wednesday during the Nairobi County Countering Violent Extremism Consultative meeting held at a Nairobi hotels that was attended by Nairobi County Women Representative Esther Passaris, Members of Parliament Yusuf Hassan (Kamukunji Constituency) and Mercy Gakuya (Kasarani Constituency), MCA Westlands Waithera Chege and State actors and Non-state actors.

She said most Kenyans have seen and experienced violent extremism while others have been affected directly, noting that when the action plan is out, it will be implemented.

Mworoa said “We will work on it continuously as new things and ideas come up so that we protect our country from attacks and radicalization”.

Nairobi County Women Representative Esther Passaris said Kenya’s population is increasing at a high rate, a concern that requires all Kenyans to openly talk about population control.

Nairobi Women Representative Esther Passaris

She said the country cannot talk about the Big 4 Agenda and preventing and countering violent extremism, if people remain silent on the issue of family planning, which she noted has contributed to many families not giving their children education and other basic needs that children need in life.

“Employment and good standards of living are key issues that can address extremism. Youth need to be engaged so as not to fall prey to radicalization and terrorism activities,” Passaris said.

The County Women Representative said the government’s current focus is on the Big Four Agenda, a plan that is targeting to uplift the standards of living of all Kenyans and promote the country’s social economic development in the areas of affordable Universal health care, affordable housing, manufacturing and food security.

In her remarks, MP Gakuya said groups empowering youths to engage in drugs and violent extremism and other cruel malpractices should be dismantled.

“Unless the youth disassociate themselves with bad practices, both the Uwezo and Youth Fund will not be able to empower them,” she stressed.

In his speech, MP Yusuf Hassan said there is need for the county to have a national strategy because whatever happens in Nairobi has a bigger impact.

He said Members of Parliament and Members of County Assembly should be included as members of CVE since they play a crucial role as opinion leaders and representatives of the people.

“Vulnerable communities should also be brought on board as they are susceptible to radicalization,” he added.

Mr. Yusuf said communities involved in practices that re harmful to the society should be convinced to accept that whatever they are doing is wrong and change attitude.

“Radicalization is home grown as the people who are doing it are Kenyans, and no longer Al-shabaab,” he said and added that families whose kins have been radicalized should not live in fear that their children will be jailed or killed, but recommend them for rehabilitation so that they can reform and be integrated back to the community.


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