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County to restructure water management to streamline water supply system


The management of water supply in Turkana is set for a restructure with existing water supply utilities, including LOWASCO, set to be disbanded and two new companies formed to cater for those living in rural and urban areas.

The restructuring plans were announced by County Executive for Water Services Faith Aletea during the launch of a county-wide sensitization exercise aimed at informing members of the public about the changes.

“In the new structure, the Turkana Urban Water and Sanitation Company will be based at Lodwar and will operate through the 11 branches in Lodwar, Lokichoggio, Kakuma, Lowareng’ak, Kalokol, Lokitaung, Lokichar, Kainuk, Lokori, Kerio and Katilu.

According to Aletea, Turkana Rural Water and Sanitation Company will work in more than 22 locations within Turkana.

She said the restructure will ensure the inclusion of grassroots level teams in the management of water; hence provide job opportunities for plumbers, pipe fitters and other professions in the water sector.

Turkana County Water Chief Officer David Maraka led the sensitisation team in Turkana South and East while Director Paul Lotum was in charge of Turkana West and Turkana North.

The sensitisation exercise comes at a time when the County Government is preparing to roll out public participation for the appointment of a selection board to appoint directors of the two water companies.

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