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County unveils Integrated Development Plan

Homa Bay Governor Gladys Wanga

The County Government of Homa Bay has launched a blueprint for development to be rolled out over the next five years.

Governor Gladys Wanga said the County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP) was aimed at spurring productivity across all sectors of the economy.

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Speaking during the launch of the CIDP in Homa Bay town on Thursday, the Governor said they were determined to deliver on all the pledges made ahead of the last general election.

She noted that the CIDP had captured all the development projects which the county government had prioritised for implementation for the 2023–2027 period.

She said one of the areas targeted was the revival of orphaned crops such as millet, sorghum, and cassava.

“My administration will ensure proper formulation and monitoring of agricultural legislation and policies aimed at improving crop and livestock production,” she said.

Wanga said the county government will enhance proper healthcare for residents, adding that among the strategies to be employed are eliminating communicable diseases, tackling the high burden of non-communicable diseases, providing essential medical services, and minimising exposure to health risks.

She said her administration also plans to facilitate housing and urban development to accord residents the right to affordable and conducive accommodation.

Governor Wanga said the county government also intends to promote trade and tourism by improving tourist attractions and creating a conducive business environment.

“Our objective is to create wealth, reduce poverty, and create employment for residents,” she noted, adding the county also envisages the construction of good roads and ensuring Homa Bay Town becomes a city by 2034.

Among those present during the launch held at the new Governors Park were Deputy Governor Oyugi Magwanga, Senator Moses Kajwang, and Woman Rep. Joyce Osogo.

Wanga said the CIDP is going to be the roadmap for the implementation of development projects in the county. “We are launching the roadmap that will guide us in the implementation of development projects in the next five years,” Wanga said.

She said the CIDP was generated in consultation with the county residents through public participation, which commenced in villages.

“We adopted a new model of public participation that starts from the village to the county level,” she explained.

She said her objective is to make Homa Bay a prosperous county using the development plan outlined in the CIDP. “My government has adopted a people-driven approach. Our objective is to ensure Homa Bay becomes a beacon of prosperity,” she highlighted.

On her part, Magwanga called for cooperation between residents and county government officials to enhance service delivery to residents.

“I urge the county officials to embrace teamwork to enable the county to meet the development needs of the people,” Magwanga said as he urged county employees to shun corruption.

“Corruption will derail our goals, let everyone in this Government shun it,” Magwanga insisted.


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