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Court detains two suspects arrested in Kilifi over drug trafficking


The Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI) in Mombasa is seeking three weeks to detain two men linked to trafficking bhang worth Ksh. 9.4 million found in an abandoned Prado TX in Kanamai Kilifi County.

This is after the Toyota Land Cruiser ferrying the drugs landed in a ditch in a self-involved accident on 4th of September afternoon.

According to detectives, the bhang was stashed in seven gunny bags ferried along the Kaloleni – Mavueni route in the vehicle, which at the time bore registration number KDC 300L.

The vehicle whose right rear tyre was punctured is believed to have been speeding when it veered off the road, plunging into the ditch and forcing the occupants to flee from the scene.

According to the police files “Upon search, registration plates KBQ 580K, KBZ 528N, KDA 639A & KDC 947C (the latter akin to parastatal vehicles) were found,” police said in a report.

In their application before Senior Principal Magistrate Yusuf Shikanda, the DCI said they had dusted for fingerprints inside the Prado to establish the owner.

The DCI applied to detain Mughanga Ruwange and Dennis Shere over suspicion they are involved with the owner of the vehicle.

The two suspects were arrested at Kanamai Majengo, Kilifi County on September 12.

However, Ruwange and Shere opposed detention for 21 days pending investigations through their lawyers Julius Ireri and George Anango,

Julius Ireri told the courts that police have no evidence against the duo.

He further said there has been no evidence to show how they will interfere with investigations or any proof they have been in contact with any person in this matter.

State Prosecutor Peris Ogega applied for the detention of the two suspects for three weeks to allow police complete investigations.

Ogega also applied for leave to amend the charge sheet that was defective.

She further stated the application seeks to deny the suspects’ bond on the grounds of interference and that they are a flight risk if released before the investigations are concluded.

Ogega said the suspects are among the wide group involved in trafficking of drugs in the Coast region hence need to get more time to arrest their collaborators.

However, Shikanda allowed the plea to be deferred until Monday next week 18th and further ordered the prosecution to amend the charge sheet.

“Based on arguments made, I will defer the ruling to Monday. The suspects remain in Mtwapa police station,” ruled Shikanda.