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Court metes penalties to bar operators defying law

Lodwar Law Court has meted stiff penalties to bar operators and their employees found selling alcohol outside the stipulated hours.

A sample of a few court files seen by KNA revealed that the operators were fined between Ksh 30,000 –Ksh 140,000 for committing the offences.

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This comes amidst a tight crackdown on illicit brews and those found violating the government’s regulations on the sale of alcohol.

Turkana Central Deputy County Commissioner Thomas Siele said the security officers would not relent until all players observe the law.

“We are not going to spare anybody. No one is above the law,” said Siele.

Luis Luambi pleaded guilty to an offence of failing to display a liquor license contrary to section 24(1) as read with section 64 of the Turkana county alcoholic drinks control Act No. 7 of 2014.

Appearing before Lodwar principal magistrate Nerolyne Idagwa, Luambi was fined Ksh 140,000 for two offences committed on March 14, 2024, at 7 pm at Kanamkemer location in Turkana central sub-county.

He was found selling assorted alcoholic drinks at Squirrel Lounge without displaying a liquor license.

On mitigation, he pleaded for forgiveness.

Mercy Menan, Rael Amuria and Agneta Eleiyo were also charged before the Lodwar High Court on separate dates this month for breaking the alcoholic drinks control Act.

Menan was fined Ksh 30,000 or seven months’ imprisonment on March 11 for selling alcoholic drinks without a liquor license.

She was arrested at 9 pm at Lodwar Township selling assorted wines and spirits at A1 wines and spirits without a liquor license.

Amuria on her part fined Ksh 30,000 after she was arrested on March 11 at 6.50 pm at Kanamkemer selling assorted wines and spirits at Peaceful Wines and Spirit without a liquor license.

On mitigation she said, “I have two children and I am a single mother. My husband died. I am an employee who looked for a job to help my children,”.

Eleiyo was fined a similar amount or face seven months’ imprisonment for selling alcohol without a license.

In a virtual court proceeding before Lodwar principal magistrate Nerolyne Idagwa, Eleiyo was found guilty of selling alcohol on March 13, at Kaaleng Centre at Half Time Bar without a license.

She was released after she paid a Ksh 30,000 fine.

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