COVID-19: Immigration department ends amnesty for foreigners

COVID-19: Immigration department ends amnesty for foreigners

The Department of Immigration Services has lifted amnesty on stay beyond the stipulated six (6) months that was caused by COVID-19 international travel restrictions.

All affected visitors have 14 days to comply as at Monday, 14th September 2020.

Director-General of Immigration Services Alexender Muteshi in a statement on Monday said the foreigners affected have two weeks to exit the country or apply for residency to regularise their stay.

On April 8th, the Government of Kenya through the Ministry of Health outlined measures to curb further transmission of COVID-19 in the country.

Among the raft of measures taken was to extend visitor passes and permits as the Imigration services automated the service assessible through the Foreign Nationals Services Portals.

The DG through a statement however noted that all foreigners who had applied for the extension of their pass/permits would be required to produce it upon exit of the country.

Kenya’s Jomo Kenyatta International Airport resumed operations under tight COVID-19 regulations after a 4-month shutdown.

Opening Kenya’s airspace came after months of airlines preparing to conform to the World Health Organisation and International Air Transport Association’s health guidelines for operating passenger planes.

Kenya had already allowed local passenger services to begin on July 15 with authorities saying it was a test of the country’s preparedness before resumption of international passenger flights.

The Kenya Airports Authority to conform to WHO health guidelines noted that it was a mandatory requirement for all passengers arriving in Kenya to fill in the COVID-19 Travelers Health Surveillance Form.

Passengers are also required to display the received QR codes to port health officials for them to be allowed to proceed to arrival immigration.

KAA in addition noted that all arriving passengers on international flights with a COVID-19 Negative certificate whose body temperature is NOT above 37.5° C (99.5°F), do NOT have a persistent cough, difficulty in breathing or other flu-like symptoms, have negative tests carried out within 96 hours before travel and are from countries considered low to medium risk COVID–19 transmission areas, shall be exempted from quarantine.

“For passengers traveling out of the country, they will be required to abide by the particular travel, health and COVID-19 related requirements of the destination country,” KAA concluded in a statement.


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