COVID-19, global threat to the Church, Bishop David Kamau says

The Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Nairobi, Bishop David Kamau has called upon Christians all over the world to pray for the COVID-19 pandemic to come to an end.

Bishop Kamau said the disease has proved to be a global threat not only to other sectors of the economy but also to the church.

“COVID-19 is a global threat to churches all over the world. Because of it, all places of worship have been closed.” He said

He said despite the partial reopening of places of worship in the country many faithful have the fear of contracting the disease if they attend church services.

“We need the light and guidance of God in good and bad times,” He said

Bishop Kamau spoke on Sunday during a live Holy Mass at the Holy Family Basilica aired by KBC Channel 1.

In his sermon on seeking salvation and eternal life, the Bishop urged Christians to stay close to God stating that it is the only way to keep humanity sane.

He said societal vices such as suicide are as a result of the lack of humanity among people.

“Being close to God complements the humanity in us, when we are away from God we become dehumanized. Let us endeavor to stay close to God,” He said

Bishop Kamau compared eternal life and Salvation in Christianity to the efforts and guidelines that have been put in place to fight COVID-19.

He said just as everyone is following safety guidelines by the Ministry of Health to avoid contracting the disease, Christians should also follow God’s commandments in seeking salvation.

“Eternal life and salvation is a gift from God but we must work for it.” He said

Bishop Kamau further urged Kenyans to follow the safety precautions put in place as the world continues to grapple with the virus.


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