Crossover tv host Faith Muturi answers the most awkward pregnancy question

By Evelyne Wareh

Faith Muturi has been no exception to the pregnancy problems that include morning sickness only to mention a few.

However, she opts to see these problems as ‘treasures that don’t quite make sense’, does not let the problem put her down. In an Instagram post titled ‘Treasures in every season’, she noted how she deals with that question, learning to take it easy and developing great comebacks for a shared good laugh. Here’s her full post on ‘Treasures in every season’.

Treasures in every season????????????

Things I have embraced in this season and found treasure in, even when it doesn’t quite make sense:

* Heartburn. This has reduced significantly 🙂 yet as this trimester progressed, it forced me to take more milk, which I had been advised to do 🙂 * suddenly I’m being called ‘Mama’. Twice someone has called me from behind- msichana or Madame and when I turned, they were like ‘Oh sorry- Mama!’ The title does come with a lot of respect. Nashukuru

* Not being able to reach my toes easily- enjoying being spoilt by hubby who helps me wear boots, rubs my feet & this season, I get to enjoy pedicures a lot more:):):)

* Nausea- this was a stretch!! It continued till a week or so ago. Sielewi!! Yet, it reminded me to give thanks for good health. I think I remember vomiting only twice in my entire life before this season. I could go for a decade without a headache. This season gave me a new level of compassion for the sick & I prayed a whole lot for people sick in hospital etc. Wee hours moments of lacking sleep have reignited special moments with God in prayer and intercession????

* Bonding with women, couples and family friends on a whole new level. Community has become real in a whole new beautiful sense. Learnt a lot from people’s shared experiences and gotten lots of care. As for the awkward questions like ‘Bado hujazaa, hajakuja?,..’ I am learning to take it easy & developing great comebacks for a shared good laugh! I told a friend last week- “Hapana, alikuja! Huyu ni wa pili!”


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