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Crown Paints, PPI to provide business training to SMEs

James Gitau CEO PPI. PHOTO | Courtesy

Crown Paints in partnership with Peak Performance International have unveiled a training programme that will help equip small businesses with the tools and skills to sustain their growth.

The coaching and mentorship programme dubbed Crown IT Business School will target Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and offer them management skills in strategic planning, financial management, human resource management, and marketing.

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Crown Paints Group Chief Operating Officer Richard Muturi said the initiative has been conceptualized as a way of improving growth for their partners and recognizing them as valuable stakeholders in their development plans.

“By targeting SMEs, we underscore the critical role they play in the Kenyan economy. Statistics show that SMEs constitute a significant portion of Kenya’s economic landscape, accounting for over 80pc of the country’s employment and contributing approximately 40pc to the GDP,” stated Muturi.

According to Muturi, SMEs are faced with a lot of challenges including limited access to adequate financing due to stringent lending criteria, lack of collateral and high interest rates which hinder their growth.

Peak Performance International Chief Executive Officer James Gitau said the partnership’s unique approach will transform many businesses as well as lives.

“It is about helping people grow their businesses to a whole new level. It will help the business owners think differently, manage their businesses in a better way and make more money as well as create more jobs for this country,” he added.

This programme will also help businesses leverage on technology to meet market demands.

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