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CS Linturi assures miraa farmers, traders of brighter future in sub sector

Agriculture CS Mithika Linturi. Photo:Courtesy

Agriculture and Livestock Development Cabinet Secretary Mithika Linturi has assured Miraa farmers and traders that the government is working diligently to ensure they get full benefits from the crop both locally and internationally.

Speaking during a church service in Antubetwe Kiongo Full Gospel Church in Igembe North, the CS said the government was aware that miraa is the key source of income for Nyambene residents.

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He added the government was also aware of the challenges currently being experienced in the sub-sector with several approaches being employed to ensure that the subsector thrives.

“I want to assure farmers that we are not blind to the issues that are facing the crop at the moment and we are busy doing everything possible to ensure we support miraa farming.”

He urged farmers and traders to trust their government in their efforts to revive the subsector, despite political schemes currently being used to incite miraa farmers.

The CS said there are plans to convene a meeting with all stakeholders to inform farmers about the government’s current strategies on Miraa adding that President William Ruto’s government ascended to power through the strong support of farmers, including Miraa farmers, whom he said the government cannot afford to let down.

“In everything we do as a government, we always have the interest of Kenyans, and miraa farmers to be specific, at our hearts. We would however want to inform you that some of these plans take time to be implemented and this is the reason we call for your patience,” said Mr Linturi.

He however said he would not be destructed by naysayers including those who were inciting farmers to demonstrate against him and the government as it happened on Saturday at Maili Tatu grounds in Igembe Central.

“We must all resolve to work together for our prosperity and agree to give the government time to work on these issues including looking for the markets and value addition of miraa as this is the future,” said Linturi.

He urged the farmers and traders to familiarise themselves with miraa regulations including hygiene in handling the product to make it acceptable even to the outside world.

“We must accept the fact that miraa is classified as food and we should therefore adhere to the international standards in terms of handling so that we can avoid losing markets just like we did with London and Netherlands,” said Linturi.

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