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CS Nakhumicha commits ending HIV/AIDS infection in children by 2027

The government has expressed commitment of bringing to an end HIV/AIDS infection among children by 2027,a strategy that will be vital in the reduction of infant mortality across the country.

Speaking at Tom Mboya University in Homa Bay County on Friday while presiding over the ceremony christened ‘The Plan to End AIDS in children by 2027’,Cabinet Secretary for Health Nakhumicha S. Wafula noted that while the global community agreed to aim to end the AIDS epidemic by 2030,Kenyan breakthrough will come three years prior.

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“As a country we are putting in place stringent measures to prevent mother-to child HIV transmission and this is a move aimed at combating this monster by 2027 following my pronouncements ,while in Tanzania where I committed on behalf of the Governemnt of Kenya that we will continuously examine the glaring gaps to grow our resolve to end AIDS in children. Specifically, within the next three (3) years, as members of the Alliance, Kenya will implement a 4-point actions to bridge the gaps, and fast-track the progress of ending pediatric AIDS. These ideals are embedded in the Kenya Plan whose goal is to end AIDS in children by 2027 and
mother to child transmission of HIV, Syphilis and Hepatitis” she said

While lauding the country’s significant progress where HIV prevalence among adults in the general population has declined,the CS emphasized on the government agenda of continuing to accelerate gains made towards ending the AIDS epidemic as part of the Sustainable Development Goals through various mechanisms including creation of a new data-collecting tool to track progress in current HIV programming.

However, Mother To Child Transmission rate remains high at 8.6% while treatment coverage for children living with HIV is 85% with about 74% of those on treatment virally suppressed

“We are now presented with an opportunity to remove technical and structural barriers that deny children an AIDS-free start — a better chance to survive, thrive, and fulfill their dreams. The impact of this initiative will reignite powerful ripples of hope across member nations and the world.Through partnerships and collaboration, over the last ten years, Kenya reduced new HIV infections by 57%, and AIDS-related death decreased by 68%” she added

Her counterpart from the East African Community, Arid and Semi-Arid Lands and Regional Development Rebecca Miano on her part revealed that regionally,Kenya is stable healthwise.

“Health is a very paramount docket and as a result I continue working closely with my sister CS Nakhumicha who has done a great job so far.Under my ministry, we have harmonized policies in East Africa through facilitating free movement of goods.From the appraisal that was done this year it was found out that Kenya is doing very well through robust mechanisms being put in place to promote affordable healthcare. Today’s event is a noble inauguration of policies and programs that will save lives of people we were appointed to serve” remarked Miano

Area Governor Gladys Wanga lauded the government for its extended efforts in collaborating with counties to promote delivery of health services to ordinary Kenyans especially at the grassroots.

According to Kenya Demographic and Health Survey report, Homabay has 24 percent prevalence in teen pregnancies while HIV prevalence is 19.6 percent, a vice she said her office will continue working with the Ministry of Health in taming it.

“We are very happy the Ministry chose Homabay as venue for this function besides offering their support to boost healthcare quality.2027 is not far from now hence we want to mean actions from the good words expressed here today.We are fully aware of how HIV/AIDS infection has been a big challenge in our County but we’re making strides in combating the menace through various avenues including total dedication to use of Community Health Promoters whom the good CS has embraced positively.In terms of teen pregnancies we want to reverse the situation. We want girls to cooperate and do what is right,” she noted

Acting Health Director General Dr Patrick Amoth while directing County Governments to implement integrated strategies for testing, treating and management of infectious diseases,he emphasized on the ministry’s intentions to actualize Universal Health Coverage (UHC).

“Our journey towards UHC has commenced and I want to laud this county for making great strides in ensuring that 9 out of possible total 10 deliveries are done in a health facility.I also urge the area administration to embrace Integration of outpatient departments, HIV Clinics hence enhancing service delivery,because with this model, testing for the treatment of diseases will be handled at the primary level by having patients, tested, and managed at the hospital level” he said through a brief speech

The National AIDS and STI’s Control Programme (NASCOP) which was established in 1987 to spearhead the Ministry of Health’s interventions on the fight against HIV/AIDS has been on the forefront in its plan to help the country make milestones in the fight against the scourge thus reversing the norm towards ensuring Kenya has healthy children.

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