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CS Nakhumicha:Documentation on agreement of CHPs monthly stipend almost done

The Cabinet Secretary for Health Nakhumicha S. Wafula has revealed that plans are almost complete between the Government and County administrations in laying a framework in place to facilitate the effective remuneration of Community Health Promoters (CHPs).

Speaking at Iten Referral Hospital Grounds in Elgeyo Marakwet County while presiding over the commemoration of World Diabetes Day,Nakhumicha underscored Kenya Kwanza administration’s plan to help in implementation of Universal Health Coverage through the involvement of CHPs.

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“The progress is encouraging in terms of addressing the needs of CHPs to help them efficiently deliver in their expected mandate of serving the community. They underwent vigorous training,already received fully equipped kits plus highly advanced smartphones so what’s remaining is stipend alone.We are in the process of signing documents with the County Governments and we’ll be good to go.I’m impressed Governor Wesley Rotich is ready to lead from the front by being number 1 to come to the office finalize on paper agreement in line of our strong resolve to mount comprehensive coverage of the entire spectrum of healthcare services, as well as its focus on Community Health” she said

Nakhumicha who has been a number one champion of UHC last month oversaw government’s nationwide launch of an electronic community health information system (eCHIS) that marked a significant step in the nation’s journey towards implementation of provision of affordable health care to Kenyans devoid of financial hardship.

The eCHIS launch was seen as a transformative effort aiming to digitize, equip, support, and provide salaries for all  CHPs across the country. The goal is to ensure every Kenyan household has access to well-supported grassroots personnel offering essential healthcare services.

While commenting about the revolutionary and progressive health acts,the CS lauded new health care plan which she said is geared towards ensuring all Kenyans have an access quality healthcare in an efficient, affordable and non-discriminatory manner.

The Act which will provide the necessary legal and institutional framework for the successful actualization of UHC are the Primary Health Care Act, 2023, the Digital Health Act, 2023, the Facility Improvement Financing Act, 2023 and the Social Health Insurance Act, 2023.

“These Acts will ensure Diabetes and other Non Communicable Diseases (NCD) services delivery are realigned into UHC framework which will in turn enable Kenyans to access quality promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative care based on need and not ability to pay” she added

The international community commemorates World Diabetes Day on 14 November every year, to raise awareness of the growing burden of this disease, and strategies to prevent and manage the threat.

The government stressed on committed cause of meeting its policy objective of halting and reversing the burden of non-communicable diseases to Kenyans through various avenues including strengthening national capacity, governance, multisectoral action, and partnerships.

This year’s theme is again “Access to diabetes care”, as it was last year, and will be again in 2023, highlighting the importance of prevention and response efforts. 

Africa’s diabetes statistics illustrate the depth of the challenge: 24 million adults are currently living with diabetes, with that number predicted to swell by 129% to 55 million by 2045.

Left unchecked, and without management and lifestyle changes, diabetes can lead to several debilitating complications

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