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CS Owalo roots for data protection at key summit in India

CS Eliud Owalo
CS Eliud Owalo

Information, Communications and Digital Economy CS Eliud Owalo is calling for data privacy and protection in the face of digital transformation sweeping across the globe.

He spoke during the inauguration of the two-day Global DPI Summit that begin Monday in Pune, India.

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“One of the emerging issues in the operation environment in the face of digitalization on one hand and digital identity on the other, is the issue of data privacy and data protection. That as we digitalize our services, or uptake digital identity, we must be cognizant of the fact that we must ensure data protection and data privacy,” submitted the CS.

He says apart from being an internal component of digital public infrastructure, digital identity is also a key facilitator for digitalization in the quest to move government services closer to the people.

“That in the face of rapid digitalization, there is no need for members of the public to visit government offices to consume public services. People should be able to leverage digital identities to consume government services from the comfort of wherever they are if and when digital identities are in place,” added the CS who later Chaired a session on Digital Identities for Empowering People.

According to him, digital identity is a critical success factor for digital transformation.

The theme of the two-day summit that brings together Ministers in charge of the Information and Communication Technology sector is “Digital Public Infrastructure for Ease of Living, Ease of Doing Business and Ease of Governance.

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