CSAK to promote positive character among youth

Written By: Rufus Hunja

Francis Muregi, project director, CSAK

The Christian and Scientific Association of Kenya (CSAK) has rolled out the National Science and Religious Club (Science and Religious Club of Kenya) which will help in developing positive youth character, CSAK project director Prof. Francis Muregi (MKU) has said.

The director made the disclosure during an exciting debate themed, “Sanctity of life: scientific, religious and cultural perspectives” held at MKU Thika Main Campus indoor arena Tuesday where MKU became the first institution to start the club.

Prof. Muregi said similar clubs will be established in the 40 member varsities of CSAK, colleges and high schools.

“We want to develop positive character amongst our youth so that they can learn to amicably agree to disagree,” said Prof. Muregi.

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He said you must understand that they might religiously, politically, culturally and scientifically differ but this should not be resolved through violence.

The science and religion club of Kenya will address the alarming and sky rocketing cases of violence amongst youth in our county, Prof. Muregi said.

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The club will teach youth how to harmoniously live with one another. Islamic scholar, Dr. Muhammed Mranja, Senior Lecturer in Islamic Law and Family Studies, Moi University, said his religion did not allow abortion but when the life of an expectant woman is at high risk then that pregnancy could be terminated.

Prof. Mranja said he supported capital sentence where one was found guilty of murder, violent robbery and even economic crimes.

Prof. Joseph Galgalo said life is sacked and only God who can take it. He said he did not support euthanasia (Mercy Killing). Prof. Galgalo is St. Paul University VC and patron CSAK.

Prof Elizabeth Bukusi Chief Research Officer, KEMRI, said she was opposed to abortion. Prof Ann Muigai, Professor of Genetics, Jomo Kenya University of Agriculture and Technology, urged Kenyans to avoid surrogacy as it amounted to infidelity/adultery.

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On the issue of body parts harvesting, Prof Bukusi and Prof. Galgalo said the body parts could be harvested to help the living ones.

“If one has offered his body parts to help the living ones, I see nothing wrong in this” said Prof. Bukusi.

Gospel artiste / Christian apologist, Pastor Reuben Kigame condemned those who wanted to reduce adult age from 18 to 16 years. He said the MPs were making sex more available. He said when something becomes available and common, it loses its meaning.

“Soon sex will become so common making it meaningless,” said Dr. Kigame.  Moderators during the debate were Prof. Francis Muregi and Prof. Kennedy Mutundu both from MKU.

Kigame said contraceptive among youth promotes promiscuity. CSAK patron Prof. Joseph Galgalo hailed MKU under founder Prof. Simon Nyutu Gicharu for continued support. Similar sentiments were echoed by CSAK project director Prof. Francis Muregi.

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Mount Kenya University Vice Chancellor, Prof. Stanley Waudo said, “By hosting today’s debate, Mount Kenya University is demonstrating its commitment to sharing ideas on important issues.  While issues on the meaning of life, as expressed through divergent views of science and religion have dominated western societies, these issues are increasingly taking centre stage in the local public domain. Kenyans are searching for answers to some important questions such as safety of immunizations, birth control, genetic engineering, and ethical issues related to termination of pregnancy, and many others.  We are pleased that the Christian and Scientific Association of Kenya have recognized that these issues require open dialogue.”

“As I conclude, I want to underpin the University’s commitment as the host of CSAK to continue supporting the activities of the Association and that of the Science and Religion Club of Kenya – Mount Kenya University Unit,” said the MKU VC.


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