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CSI Energy Group announces appointment of Natacha Emilien as Deputy CEO

Natacha Emilien: A vision to support a new era of 'just' and sustainable energy transition in Africa, with a key focus on expanding operations in Kenya.


As part of a consolidation of teams within CSI Energy Group, Natacha Emilien has been promoted to Deputy Group CEO of the company. She previously held the position of Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer.

Mauritian, and based in Mauritius, Natacha Emilien leverages her experience and skills to positively impact the energy sector in Africa by using the strategic positioning of the country to meet the specific and diverse needs of the African continent. By traveling regularly across Africa, she ensures a close synergy between local expertise and global perspectives, thus embodying the bridge between Mauritius and Africa in the energy field.

This strategic move underlines CSI Energy Group commitment to expanding its footprint in Kenya, a key market in the company’s African operations. In her new role as Deputy Group CEO, Natacha Emilien will particularly focus on promoting a ‘just’ energy transition in Africa. This key concept, at the heart of CSI Energy Group’s mission, aims to balance economic imperatives with environmental needs and social justice.

A ‘just’ energy transition not only involves a shift towards renewable and/or more sustainable energy sources but also prioritizes access to electricity in regions often lacking adequate infrastructure. A ‘just’ transition also benefits all layers of society more equitably, particularly small entrepreneurs and the most vulnerable communities.

This includes access to energy at affordable rates, retraining and/or creating local jobs in new energy industries, and collaborating with female entrepreneurs as subcontractors in the group’s value chain. With her extensive expertise and strategic vision, Natacha Emilien is ideally placed to lead this complex and essential transition for a sustainable energy future in Africa.

Building on its existing projects, CSI Energy Group announces new initiatives that cater to Kenya’s unique energy landscape, focusing on geothermal and solar energy, looking to support Kenya’s vision of achieving reliable and sustainable energy for all. Indeed, CSI Energy Group played a pivotal role in the civil, mechanical, and piping works at Olkaria, a flagship project that substantially contributes to Kenya’s power generation.

Olkaria has been instrumental in producing about a quarter of Kenya’s electricity, extending its reach from Mombasa to the Uganda border. The addition of Olkaria 1 Unit 6 has been set to elevate Kenya’s geothermal power generation capacity to approximately 944 MW, aligning it with global leaders in geothermal energy.

CSI Energy Group’s involvement in the Olkaria project led to the creation of over 500 jobs and directly benefited more than 2000 individuals through other collaborations. This underlines the Group’s commitment to not only advancing energy solutions but also fostering economic growth and community development in Kenya.

Looking ahead to 2024, CSI Energy Group is dedicated to further developing Kenya’s geothermal and solar potential through key projects. Natacha Emilien’s Vision for Kenya In her new role, Natacha Emilien will spearhead these initiatives, leveraging her extensive experience to enhance our operations in Kenya. Her leadership will be crucial in contributing to increasing Kenya’s reliance on geothermal energy to almost three-fifths by 2030.

Trained as an engineer, Natacha has experience in petroleum and gas engineering projects and industrial risk management since 2005. Her expertise also extends to other areas, including financial services and strategic and innovation consulting. In 2023, Natacha returned to her engineering roots by joining CSI Energy Group.

“As part of our long-term objectives in the region, CSI Energy Group is excited to announce plans to grow the teams in Kenya. This expansion not only signifies our commitment to the Kenyan market but also our dedication to creating local employment opportunities. We are focused on hiring local talent for all our projects, further contributing to job creation and skill development within the Kenyan community. This move aligns with our strategy of fostering sustainable growth and building strong local partnerships in the regions we operate.” Natacha says.

“As an entrepreneur and intrapreneur, my career has been a quest for opportunities within impact-driven organizations. To this day, I am proud to be part of the management of CSI Energy Group. Our mission is to support a ‘just’ energy transition in Africa, to bring energy security, better and more equitable access to energy, and sustainable and more inclusive for the continent’s minorities. I firmly believe that the energy sector in Africa has enormous potential to create a significant global impact. I am committed to dedicating my time, skills, and energy to this noble cause,” states Natacha.

At the heart of CSI Energy Group’s strategy is a commitment to sustainable growth and rigorous governance – aware of the need for transformative leadership in this dynamic era.

“I am particularly grateful to be part of an organization that places so much emphasis on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). I believe in the power of DEI to drive innovation and positive change. I look forward to contributing to progress in this area. As Deputy Group CEO, I continue to support the promotion of women leaders who, like me, seek to make a positive impact in the energy sector,” says Natacha.

“I also commit to leading the teams of CSI Energy Group with clarity of mind, courage, and kindness – following in the footsteps of our founder and Group CEO, Chris Glasson,” concludes Natacha.